Vitam GF 22, 208L

Vitam GF 22, 208L
Aral Vitam GF 22 is a high-performance, zinc free hydraulic oil corresponding to the type HLP. This product fulfills the requirements of the DIN 51524-2, with a large margin of reserve. Due to the properties of this hydraulic oil, it has an excellent wearing protection over a broad load range, very good air and water separation ability, minimal foaming tendency, optimal corrosion prevention, good sealing consistency and a high ageing stability.
  • Aral Vitam GF 22 can be used where special thermal or mechanical loads require high-performance hydraulic oils. Aral Vitam GF 22 is a product that can be universally applied. This hydraulic oil has a proven reliability with many years of in the field use. Aral Vitam GF 22 meets specification requirements of reputed manufactures of hydraulic pumps and motors, and the following approvals/ recommendations apply: -Hagglund-Dension HF-0; HF-2 -Vickers Industrieanlagen, I-286-S-Spezifikation -Cincinnati M. - S. 68-69-70
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