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Castrol Brayco 599, db

Castrol Brayco 599, db
Castrol Brayco™ 599 is a specially designed synthetic base, dark amber, rust preventative concentrate.
  • Brayco 599 is designed for use as an additive for turbine engines and helicopter transmissions which use MIL-PRF- 23699 lubricating oil. Brayco 599 should be added to the oil sump immediately after an oil change when the equipment is intended to be placed in storage, especially in locations where high humidity and salt spray are present. This fluid should only be used for a limited time, not exceeding 25 hours. Consult the engine manufacturer's manual to determine specific engine model recommendations and/or limitations. Castrol Brayco 599 is used in MIL-PRF-23699 synthetic turbine oils at 10-15% by volume addition for storage. It meets the requirements of General Electric, Aircraft Engine Group Specification D50TF6-S1.
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    250 g/db