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Castrol Almaredge™ 51 FF 208L

Castrol Almaredge™ 51 FF 208L
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Castrol Almaredge™ 51 FF is a high performance soluble metalworking fluid which is chlorine and formaldehyde releasing agent free. It contains a unique additive package that works in synergy to enhance machining performance and surface finish, provide excellent product stability, improve bio-resistance properties and lower the overall operations costs.

  • Almaredge 51 FF is especially designed for grinding of steel and machining of low-medium alloyed steel, aluminium and cast iron.

    Recommended Concentrations:

    • Grinding: 4-6%
    • General machining: 6-8%
    • Reaming, tapping, broaching: 8-13%
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    200 kg/db