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Tribol GR 400-2 PD, 18KG

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Tribol GR 400-2 PD, 18KG
Castrol Tribol™ GR 400 PD (previously called Olista™ Longtime) is a range of mineral oil based, lithium soap greases enhanced with the MicroFlux Trans (MFT) additive system. They are particularly suited for long-term lubrication and for heavy mechanical loads such as extremely high pressures, vibrations and shock loads.
  • For long-term lubrication, even under the most difficult operating conditions such as extreme pressure, vibrations, shock loads and a wide temperature range in highly loaded rolling and sliding bearings
    For open gear wheels and worm gears at low speeds
    Tribol GR 400-3 PD (previously called Olista Longtime 3 EP) is especially suited to highly loaded bearings in all areas of industry
    Temperature application range:
    -30°C / - 22°F to + 140°C / + 284°F for Tribol GR 400-2 (previously called Olista Longtime 2)
    -25°C / -13°F to +140°C / +284°F for Tribol GR 400-3 (previously called Olista Longtime 3 EP)
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