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Tribol GR HT 2, 18KG

Tribol GR HT 2, 18KG
Castrol Tribol™ GR HT 2 (previously called Optitemp™ HT 2) is high performance grease for long-term lubrication of rolling and sliding bearings at high operating temperatures as well as at normal or medium bearing pressures. Tribol GR HT 2 is light-colored.
  • For thermally loaded rolling and sliding bearings such as fan bearings in the textile, wood, plastics and food industries as well as in stove furnaces of the automotive industry
    For steam-heated calender or drying cylinder bearings
    As sealing grease for labyrinth seals at high temperatures
    For the application in slightly acidic or alkaline atmospheres
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    18 kg/db