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Castrol Hyspin ZZ 32, 20L

Castrol Hyspin ZZ 32, 20L
The Castrol Hyspin™ ZZ hydraulic oil range of lubricants are based on a carefully selected ashless (zinc free) additive system designed to meet and exceed the most exacting performance standards.
  • The Hyspin ZZ range are formulated for applications requiring anti-wear and superior oxidation performance and are particularly suitable for hydraulic systems using vane and piston pumps where elevated operating temperatures are encountered. They are formulated for use in severely stressed systems in which high levels of anti-wear performance and/ or ultra fine filtration are required. They have been proven to be resistant to the effects of ‘dieseling’ in highly stressed systems such as plastic injection moulding and fatigue testing equipment where the application leads to rapid breakdown of more conventional products. The range is fully compatible with elastomer ma
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