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Iloform PS 158, 20KG

Iloform PS 158, 20KG
Castrol Iloform™ PS 158 is a water soluble, forming paste, which is chlorine and heavy metal free. It is specifically developed for heavy duty deep drawing operations. It is a blend of high performance boundary lubricants, inorganic fillers for extreme pressure lubrication, emulsifiers and corrosion inhibitors.
  • Iloform PS 158 is specially formulated for use in single die and progressive die presses for medium duty deep drawing applications. It is suitable for use on steels, aluminium and aluminium alloys. Iloform PS 158 can be used as supplied or used diluted in water to a minimum concentration of 20%v/v oil to water, for less difficult operations. Forms a stable milky white emulsion in water.
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