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Castrol Rustilo DWX 31 20L

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Castrol Rustilo DWX 31 20L
Castrol Rustilo™ DWX 31 is a powerful solvent deposited corrosion preventive with excellent dewatering properties. The product, following evaporation of the solvent, leaves a soft greasy protective film.
  • Application: Rustilo DWX 31 rapidly removes water from components subsequent to metal treatment processes such as electroplating processes, after machining using soluble cutting fluids or parts that have been washed. It is suitable for use on cylinder liners, gears, spiral springs, simple hand tools, steel rods and bars etc. The thin residual film provides effective medium term protection against corrosion during intermediate storage or transportation. Although Rustilo DWX 31 can be applied by brushing or spraying, its dewatering action is most effective if the articles to be protected can be immersed in a dip tank.
    Film Thickness: 2 -4 µm
    Corrosion Protection indoor storage: 12 months
    Corrosion Protection outdoor storage: 6 months
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