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Paste White T Spray, 0.4L

Paste White T Spray, 0.4L
MOLUB-ALLOY™ PASTE WHITE T Spray (previously named Optimol™ Paste White T Spray) is excellently suited for allassembly work as well as for base or thin-film lubrication. White, almost colorless when applied as thin layer. The pasteprevents fretting corrosion and facilitates assembly and disassembly. It is resistant to hot and cold water and protectsagainst corrosion.
  • Universal application as assembly pastePrevents fretting corrosion especially when exposed to vibrations.Avoids stick-slipFor machines subject to frictional vibrations. Avoids squeaking noises in hydraulic cylinders and open lubrication points. Temperature application range: -30°C/-22°F to +250°C/+482°F
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