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Rustilo Aqua 2 FD, 20L

Rustilo Aqua 2 FD, 20L
Castrol Rustilo™ Aqua 2 FD is a medium viscosity mineral oil, containing film forming additives and coupling agents, supplied as a concentrate for dilution with water prior to use.
  • Rustilo Aqua 2 FD is a medium term rust preventive which is used as an emulsion. It leaves an ultra thin, oily film on components after the evaporation of the water phase. Rustilo Aqua 2 FD is used as an inter-operational protection for all components made of steel, cast iron, yellow metals, aluminium and its alloys. Rustilo Aqua 2 FD used to be applied by immersion of flooding, preferably at 50 - 60 °C to support drying and to limit bacterial growth.
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