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Tribol OG 500-0 (korábban Tribol 5000) Spray, 0.4KG

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Tribol OG 500-0 (korábban Tribol 5000) Spray, 0.4KG
CASTROL TRIBOL™ 5000 with TGOA® is a new, sprayable high-performance open gear grease. It was especially developed for application in cement, mining and other heavy industries, to assure proper tribo-technical and economical maintenance of open gears through automatic spray systems.
CASTROL TRIBOL 5000 differs from conventional asphaltic type open gear lubricants, as it does not contain solvents nor solids.
Outstanding extreme pressure (EP) antiwear characteristics are derived from the latest development in the field of surface improving additives designated TGOA®. The TGOA® additive package outperforms all other EP and antiwear additives because of its unique action on frictional surfaces.
CASTROL TRIBOL 5000 is approved by major original equipment manufacturers.
CASTROL TRIBOL 5000 is manufactured from mineral oil, selected for optimum physical and chemical stability, blended with special adhesive agents and thickened with aluminum complex soap.
The TGOA® additive package is activated by high specific loads and corresponding temperatures causing a chemical physical reaction. This results in an equalization of surface roughness without creating abrasion. Therefore, surface roughnesses are reduced without the loss of surface material.
The results of the TGOA® additives can be compared with a rolling process in the micro range.
The surface roughnessess are gradually leveled and smoothed.
The load carrying area is increased with increased safety loads on tooth flanks at reduced friction levels.
If, because of shock loads or stop and go operation, surface roughness peaks redevelop, the TGOA® additive package is automatically reactivated. Surface roughness is again equalized and lubrication optimized.
  • CASTROL TRIBOL 5000 is a high-performance lubricant for open gears, wire ropes and similar applications.
    CASTROL TRIBOL 5000 was developed for application through automatic spray systems, but may also be applied manually. Heat or the addition of thinners is unnecessary.
    CASTROL TRIBOL 5000 is recommended for the use on slow moving, heavily loaded open gears.
    It is also used to lubricate rack-and-pinion gears, wire ropes, slides, cams and other machinery in mills and mines and other heavy industries.
    Temperature range: 20°C up to + 120°C, +140°C intermittent
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